Radiology & Imaging is the fastest growing of all the branches of Medicine. Evolution of Radiology started with discovery of x-rays by Roentgen in 1895. Revolution of Radiology took place in seventies with introduction of computers and sectional imaging techniques like CT, ultrasound and subsequently MRI. While this explosion was happening and Radiology was gaining prominence and playing big role in diagnosis and subsequent management of patients, lots of CME’s and conferences were being conducted mostly targeted on clinical application of Radiology. There was virtually no dedicated course on Radiologic Physics, which actually forms of basis for entire clinical applications of all the imaging modalities.

Dr. Kishore LT, dedicated Radiology teacher, out of box thinker and great motivator came out with innovative thought that Radiologic Physics should be taught to Radiology PG’s by experienced Clinical Radiologists. He along with Mr. CK Ram made blue print of a unique program to make the basic foundation strong. Practicing Radiologists brushed up their Physics knowledge, updated themselves with current concepts and started teaching very relevant Radiologic Physics.

The first physics course was conducted in 1998 targeted for Radiology PG’s of Hyderabad. 30 students attended the course, which was called CRASH COURSE IN RADIOLOGIC PHYSICS. It was conducted in Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad, under the umbrella of Indian Radiological & Imaging Association, Andhra Pradesh Chapter.

Second course was conducted in 2000 targeting PG’s of Andhra Pradesh, which was attended by 55 students and was again liked by the students. Gradually the news of this course spread by the word of mouth and students from adjacent states like Karnataka and Maharashtra also started attending every time.

In year 2007 with inauguration of KREST (Prof. Kakarla Subbarao Radiology Educational Sciences Trust) it was decided to conduct it regularly every year. As suggested by Dr.Eshwar Chandra the title was renamed as HARP (Hyderabad Annual Radiologic Physics) Course.

Inspired by the feedback and demand from students it was also decided that there should be fixed timing of the course and third weekend of every July was finalized. Since then every year this course is conducted at KREST premises under twin umbrellas IRIA and KREST.

Gradually the course became more popular and more than 200 students started attending year after year from all over the country. In year 2012 ten students from SAARC countries attended which made the course an international affair. By 2015 thirteen courses have been conducted.

Dr.Kishore LT
Program Director
Mr.C K Ram
Program Guide

H A R P – 2018 download-pdf

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H A R P – Hyderabad Annual Radiological Physics Course 2016 Scientific Program download-pdf

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H A R P – Hyderabad Annual Radiology Physics Programme download-pdf